The Cause of ALL your Suffering


We’ve all had pain in our lives. It is an inevitable part of being human. Suffering, however, is an entirely different experience.

The external circumstances often look very similar, if not exactly the same, but the circumstances are not what creates your experience.

A few years back, I had a Divine Navigation client who’s husband had ended up in the hospital a month or so after she learned and started working with her Divine Coordinates.

During a private session, I remember her asking me if it was okay that she wasn’t overwrought about the situation. (Her husband was fine in the end, by the way!) I shared this well known quote with her…..

“Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional.”

Yes, there was concern but there was no anxiety. What made that possible?

For once in her life (her words!), she knew exactly who she was. She had learned how to be fully present in her own life. And she was aligning her daily experiences with that truth.

The number one cause of all your suffering, is that you are denying your truth.

If you are experiencing any form of suffering in your life, I can guarantee that you are not living your truth, not feeling your truth, not thinking your truth, not acting on your truth or not expressing your truth – maybe all of the above!

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I have witnessed untold sufferings end for people upon identifying and working with their Divine Coordinates. Everything from curing insomnia and depression to saving marriages that were on the brink to breathing life back into careers and businesses that people were ready to give up on.

Knowing who you are and living in alignment with that truth makes you practically immune to suffering!

Your Divine Coordinates® are the specific set of energies that you personally were designed to express and experience. This unique combination of energies can’t be found in any other person anywhere else in the world.

Your level of success and fulfillment, professionally, personally and spiritually is determined by the degree to which you are fulfilling on these energies. In order to do that, you must first know what they are!

Are you ready to end your suffering?

Last week, we shared details  with those that inquired on how you can experience the Divine Coordinates process and the Divine Navigation work in a whole new way.

If you’ve thought “I wonder what my Divine Coordinates are” and you are truly ready to end your suffering, this is the exact opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Space is super limited for this pilot group  and based on the waiting list we have for the program announcement, I can’t promise that we won’t already be full before I get the chance to share more details with our broader community.

All you need to do is send us an email and you will to get the details on  how you can take advantage of this special one-time opportunity.

Knowing your Divine Coordinates will allow you to step into your truth, own your power and live a life of deep satisfaction and fulfillment.

Are you ready?

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