It was ten years ago today

Tuesday, December 1st was a milestone of sorts for me that I felt compelled to share with you. Logistically, It took me until today to get it to you but I am sharing it just as I wrote it.

I’d actually forgotten….. Not even sure what made me remember.

I woke up very early (4:40am) to a cold Colorado morning. The world was completely quiet. Maybe it’s not such a surprise that I remembered at that time. That’s when I “hear” the best anyway….

It was 10 years ago today….

I got married for the second time. I don’t talk about it much and I think about it even less. It’s mostly just completely irrelevant.

The only time I really talk about it is when someone interviewing me asks how I started doing the work that I do and I general start with “it was at the end of my second failed marriage.

If you haven’t heard me tell the story, it was very brief. We were married on December 1st. By Valentine’s Day I knew that I had probably made a huge mistake. I would have likely realized even sooner but he didn’t actually move in together until after New Year’s.

Let’s just say there are things that a person cannot hide once you are living together.

So, why is the ten year mark relevant? And why did I feel it was important to share it with you?

Because on a particularly rough night that shared about in my piece for Speaking Your Truth, Volume One , I remember thinking to myself “I have two choices. I can either stay and probably last about 10 years. I’m a survivor after all…. I can do just about anything for ten years.”

“But, if I stay in this marriage I will be knowingly and willingly be sacrificing myself and my authenticity; something that I had been hard won after my first marriage ended. OR I can admit that I made a wrong turn and get out now.”

You obviously know what I chose.

Let me be clear, that I am eternally grateful for that experience. If I had not gone through it and been faced with having to make the choice, I really have no idea how or when I would have been knocked onto my path. And it’s clear that this is my true path!

But why this milestone is relevant to you is because if I had made a different choice, to stay, it might be only now that I would be liberating myself from that relationship.

Which means that you and I would not be connected in this way, Divine Navigation would not have been revealed to me when it was (if ever!), the work would not be impacting people all over the globe and I would not be enjoying the most evolved, conscious, fulfilling relationship that I have ever experienced.

If I had made a different choice, my real life, the life that was so clearly meant for me, would have been, at minimum, delayed. And that is what inspired me to share this story with you.

Far too often, I see people “waiting it out,” delaying choices, justifying staying where they are for anyone of a million reasons – “As soon as the kids graduate.” “Once the house is paid off.” “After I get it all figured out.” Insert your favorite excuse here 😉

Here’s the thing…. It’s time to stop waiting. Even if you aren’t entirely clear on you are moving toward, if you feel the pull toward changing something in your life – anything! – then do it. Do it now!

Don’t miss your life!

P.S. If you could use more clarity and direction or are feeling called to something “more,” now would be a great time to schedule a complimentary Divine Next Steps session with me to identify how you can stop waiting and start living the life that is meant for you!

I don’t offer these very often as I have been at full capacity with my client load for some time but I do have a little room coming up in my calendar and wanted to take this opportunity to open up a couple of spots exclusively for my community.

Even better the session is completely complimentary! The thing is that I only have 2-3 sessions that I can offer. If you would like to be considered for one a Divine Next Steps session, simply complete this brief questionnaire and my team will get back to you regarding availability.

Remember, you may not be able to have whatever you want but you can have everything that’s meant for you!

What is a soul?

Soul is a word that gets volleyed about quite a bit these days. But what is it exactly?

My understanding of the soul is that is your unique expression of the one source (by whatever name you personally refer to it) from which we all originate.

It is the part of you that is eternal and never dies.

The soul is one of those things that is real whether you believe in it or not; whether you can see it or not. But when you CAN connect with it and feel it and experience your soul’s presence in your life; that’s a game changer!

When you connect with and live from your soul, day to day life becomes much less burdensome because you know that is just the short term. Your personality plays the short-game. Your soul plays the long-game. (Remember it’s eternal after all!)

The key is to find ways to connect with your soul.

My most effective way of connecting with my own soul has come through identifying and working with my own Divine Coordinates®.

Your Divine Coordinates reveal the actual composition of your soul. It shows you what you (and your soul) are really made up of. They also reveal what your soul intended to express and experience in this life. Your lessons, your victories, your tragedies and your triumphs all make sense through your Divine Coordinates.

There are many ways to connect with your soul.

In fact, earlier this year, I teamed up with an amazing group of people to collaborate on a book project called 365 Ways to Connect with Your Soul. The book was released last week and reached best seller status in multiple categories on the very first day.

You can still get your own copy of the book here:

365 ways best seller banner

I personally contributed three essays to the book and am just one of many contributing authors. Arwen Lynch ( and April Williams ( are two others that you might like to get to know as well.

Create Your Maximum Visual Influence


As much as we don’t want it to be true, people are often sizing us up with one look. So exactly what goes into someone’s impression of you? It’s so much more than what you are wearing!

Meet, Janet Freund, Soul FULL™ Business Academy Inner Circle Member and the world’s leading authority in creating Maximum Visual Influence.

Knowing how to combine your Appearance, your Awareness and your Action turns up the power of your presence and creates your “Maximum Visual Influence.”

Janet is hosting a brand new complimentary webinar this Thursday, November 5
th at 4pm Pacific / 7pm Eastern called “Express You! 3 Essential Elements to Creating Your Personal Style” and I’m inviting you to join me there!


You’ll learn about what it means to have a strategy for your image that respects who you are as person, aligns with your lifestyle and creates confidence in you by communicating your inner brilliance through an inspired visual presentation.

What would it be like to enjoy getting dressed again?!?! In order to enjoy getting dressed again, the experience needs to be personal and it needs to come from your inner being. 

It is NOT about copying someone else’s style or wearing every new trend. It IS about connecting to what makes you amazing and translate it to your visual presence.

But, let’s face it…that can be challenging to do on your own.  If it was easy, you would be doing it right now!

Join Janet (and myself!) on Thursday, November 5th at 4pm Pacific 7pm Eastern for clarity around how to Express You!


The part of me I left behind


Perhaps like you, there are many versions of myself that have come and gone throughout my life. Some were me and others were personas I tried on for a time. This entire 46 (eek!) years, I have been journeying back to myself. Sometimes the road was straight and unobstructed. Other times, it was windy and full of pot holes.

About 8 years ago, I had a really powerful experience during the second annual Bella Spark speakers series that Donna Visocky produced in my adopted home town of Fort Collins, CO. The first year, in my enthusiasm, I had purchased third row seats for the entire series but quickly discovered that it wasn’t so enjoyable to to be quite so close to the stage.

Each evening, I ended up leaving with a serious kink in my neck. Realizing that I didn’t need to be quite so close to get the value the speakers were offering, I chose mezzanine seats the second year so that I had a great view while also being able to hold my head in a much more natural position.

One particular evening, Sonia Choquette, who I don’t think I had ever heard speak (and maybe never heard of at all now that I think about it) before that night, was speaking. The very instant that she walked out on stage, she and I locked eyes and I felt electricity shoot throughout my entire body. Now, remember I am all the way up in the mezzanine! So, I thought, “did that really just happen?”

I honestly don’t recall the full context of her talk now but I do know that at some point Sonia was speaking about those parts of us that we leave behind. And she called on me specifically. I didn’t even have my hand raised!

She points straight at me and says “the woman in the turquoise sweater.” Again, you’ll recall, I was sitting all the way up in the mezzanine! “Okay, so that did really happen” 😉 It was such a poignant moment that I can tell you exactly what I was wearing, what she was wearing, who was sitting around me, the feeing and the sound of the room.

She asked me my name; “Ronda.” She asked me about this part of me that I’d left behind….. I honestly have no idea what I said at the time. Then she asked “what’s her name?” I paused for just a moment then responded “Renee.”

Renee was my middle name at birth. But by the time I reached my preteen years, all it represented was pain and ridicule. I had an aunt and cousin, that called me Reeny (phonetic r – EE- n – Y) and I hated it! There may have been zero malice in their behavior but I didn’t like it and I had tried repeatedly to get them to stop.

Interestingly, up to that point I don’t think there were many people in my family that actually called me Ronda. I was either Sissy, to my parents and brother, or Reeny. So, in order to bring it to a stop, at the age of 12, I declared that I would no longer answer to anything other than Ronda. Period.

I hated the name Renee so much that  when I go married at 20, I had my middle name legally changed to my maiden name. Effectively eradicating Renee. This experience with Sonia was the first time I had thought about Renee, that part of me that I had “left behind” in over 20 years.

The past 8 years have held a lifetime’s worth of experience, change and growth for me. I have raised and launched two amazing children, reached the height of a career then left it voluntarily, been in financial ruin, discovered and created my life’s work, cared for and said farewell to my father, grown into my own as a woman and built a sustainable and profitable business around my purpose and attracted an amazing community of beautiful souls like yourself.

And there is still more…. more of me to bring to the table. More of me to explore and discover. More of me to access and share. More of me to learn to accept and love.

Most recently, I have met the man I can confidently say is the love of my life and have been experiencing  an entirely new paradigm of relationship for ourselves together. This

relationship has inspired me to bring ALL of myself to the table.  And I do mean EVERYTHING.

From the wounded parts that require healing to the shiny parts I’m afraid are too much. I am ready to share it all with him and with you.

Over the last six months or so I had spontaneously started bringing Renee back, privately, in my spiritual practices. When I would make my declarations and perform my rituals, instead of saying “I AM Ronda,” I had started saying “I AM Ronda Renee.”

Then just a couple of months ago, I was at an event with a peer group I belong to and I went to the microphone to ask a question of one of our mentors Lisa Cherney. She turns to me and says “Renee….” I just looked at her quizzically… she tilts her head and says “Why did I call you that?!? I know what your name is!!” Did I mention she is incredibly hooked up as well 😉

This was my confirmation that it is time to bring back Renee. It is time to bring back those parts of me that I left behind. Out of pain, out of fear, out of anger, out of protest. It is time to let ALL of me be present for all of what is waiting, all that I am creating and all that I can be and do in the world.

So, that’s exactly what I am doing! Over the next few months or so you will be seeing a transition. I will be transitioning my name to Ronda Renee from Ronda Wada my married name from a man I haven’t been married to in almost 15 years anyway!

In contemplating this choice, I also discovered that Renee means rebirth. That is exactly the way it feels to me. I am being reborn anew into who I AM.

No longer using a name that belongs to someone else. No longer being known as someone I used to be. No longer feeling the need to show up the way that others need me to. No longer leaving any parts of me behind.

I hope in some small (or large 😉 ) way, that by sharing my journey with you it inspires you to embrace all that you are and show up fully as you, leaving no part of you behind.





P.S. Another important part of my decision was having my current name and new name analyzed by my good friend and colleague, wealth astro-numerologist,  Tania Gabrielle. She was able to explain to me the cycle of challenges I had experienced over the last 25 years as Ronda Wada and how the change to Ronda Renee will support me in what I am up to in the world. I can’t recommend her work highly enough! Check out her “Is My Name Fortunate?” if you are so inspired!

P.P.S. When I find something or someone I believe will be valuable to my community, I love to share them! I only ever recommend people that I know personally and trust implicitly and products and programs that I have used or use myself. From time to time I may receive compensation for that recommendation but usually not and that is never my motivation for making the recommendation. 

You never know

Recently, I saw an acquaintance that I hadn’t seen in well over two years. I wouldn’t have said we were friends although we were certainly ‘friendly.”

She had never been a client although there had been times when I made suggestions and gave her guidance in what I perceived as very minor ways.

So the other day when I saw her, I was quite surprised as I watched tears well up in her eyes as she expressed what an important role I had played in her journey. She had never been a client. I never really did my “thing” for her.

But apparently she still received my gift. How could this be?

It’s simple. Because my gift is that I put people on (or back on) path; that’s what I do best. It’s what I’ve always done no matter what else it might have appeared I was doing. I do it by being it.

Who I am is so integral to what I do, I do it wherever I go; in small ways and in big ways.  Can’t help it really…. and neither can you. That my friends is the point!

YOU are the gift you have to give to the world. When you be you, you naturally and effortlessly give your gift everywhere you go. And by giving your gift you fulfill your purpose.

You see your purpose is not a specific mission. It’s not a project or a business (although your gift can be given within those contexts). Your purpose is a state of being that you are meant to hold and model for the rest of us. No one else on earth has your unique energetic signature.

So all the time you spend not being the real you; not being aligned with your unique energetic signature – your Divine Coordinates® – robs the world of what you have to offer that is far beyond valuable; it’s priceless.

When you are truly aligned and walking your path, you send out waves of change and transformation that you may never realize. This women happened to have an opportunity to share with me the impact of my waves but how many have been impacted that I’m just not aware of.

By showing up as the true you, the you you were designed to be; you will always make an impact but you may never know who you impact and how.

Go be YOU today! 

P.S. There is nothing that brings me more joy – and like I said, nothing I am better at – than showing you the true magnificence of who you were designed to be and putting you on path. If you are ready to identify once and for all exactly who you and who you are here to be, I invite you to inquire about a complimentary Divine Next Steps session today by simply responding to this email. Just wait until you see what happens when you shine your true light in the world!

I was surprised how much I missed him

With my new course starting next week,, I’ve been working really hard lately. So, the other night I ran out to pick up some dinner from my neighborhood deli.

As I approached the counter, I was stopped in my tracks.

There was a man standing in line in front me that from the back looked exactly like my father. His clothes, his hair, his stature – at least prior to him becoming so frail and emaciated – were all so familiar. I was frankly shocked when he turned around and it WASN’T him.

Of course, I was already aware that I missed him but it has stopped being quite so top of mind most of the time. With this being the second anniversary of his passing, I had already been contemplating how I would want to acknowledge it.

What I decided is that I do not wish to continue to mark the date of his passing. What I am committed to doing is to celebrating his LIFE. The fact that through me and my brother, Sonny Mayo (who is also doing a-maz-ing things in the world with, his legacy lives on.

Celebrating my dad and all the amazing fathers that have touched our lives, I wanted to share with you a poem straight from my dad. I channeled this poem the morning of his memorial service on the summer solstice two years ago. It just came straight through me and felt like it was directly from him.

From my heart and his, to yours. Please use this day up fully…..


Use this day up fully


Here is your own copy of the poem if you’d like to print it out and keep it.

Use this day up fully.pdf

You may not know this about me


Depending on how long you have been in my community, you may or may not know that I actually used to be an award winning salesperson. I even had actual awards to prove it 😉

SP Sales Awards

In fact, most of my professional life I had been in sales in some capacity or other. The thing was I never considered myself a salesperson. Maybe that’s why I was so good at it – and I was good at it! I was in the top 10% of our sales force 10 out of the 11 years I worked at my last company.

Much to my surprise when I moved into my coaching and training business full-time, I could hardly sell a thing! Selling my own services turned out to be completely different than selling something tangible that people could touch and feel like the windows I sold previously.

I had excelled at selling every other product I’d ever tried to sell. What was the deal?!?! I had to figure this out – and fast – or I wasn’t going to make it very long in my business.

This is a something that I see happen all too often for service-based entrepreneurs. You have a huge heart and truly want to be over service but if you can’t sell your services then you can’t keep the lights on.

Worst case, you give up on your dream of making a living by making a difference. I mean if it was that hard for me even with a couple of decades of sales experience under my belt, I get what it must be like for you!

Luckily, I did figure it out and I have been teaching my “no-selling” sales techniques to my private clients for several years now. The good news is that this is not just about ME being a great sales person.

My clients have been able to duplicate the same great results for themselves that I got and are enjoying a 60-80% conversion rate on average!

Next Wednesday, June 10th, for the first time ever outside of my Inner Circle program, I am going to be sharing the shifts I personally made, the tools I discovered and the techniques I created that had me start selling my services more effectively, allowed me to nearly double my revenue each year for last four consecutive years (taking my business well into the multiple six figures) and ensured that I got to continuing making a difference in people’s lives.

During the Never “Sell” Again: How to Effortlessly Fill Your Business Without Ever Feeling Like You’re Selling complimentary training you will:

    • Understand why people aren’t buying what you are selling (or at least not as much as you’d like them too)
    • Discover the one shift you can make this minute that will change your entire experience of selling and can potentially double your sales immediately
    • Find out what people REALLY want to buy from you. This one might surprise you! Trust me, what they want to buy from you is WAY cooler than what you are offering right now
    • Learn what it ACTUALLY takes for someone to choose to work with you – and no, this is NOT the old worn-out “know, life and trust factor
    • Get the exact formula that I have used to nearly double my sales every year for the past four consecutive years taking my business well into multiple six-figures

Join me next, Wednesday, June 10th at 3pm Pacific, 4pm Mountain, 5pm Central, 6pm Eastern for Never “Sell” Again: How to Effortlessly Fill Your Business Without Ever Feeling Like You’re Selling.

Space is limited on this one and a third of them are already spoken for so reserve your spot now.  This one is not to be missed!

I threw a party and nobody came


This past weekend I held a yard sale to purge 20 years of history. Having sworn off yard sales ages ago, I usually donate at least several car loads full of items each year. So how is it that we still have so much “stuff?”

This time as I prepare for some big transitions in our family (more to come on this over the next few months), I figured I’d give the yard sale idea another go. After all, it had to come out of the house so I may as well let it take a break on the driveway for a couple of days to see if anyone else wants any of it before I parceled it out to various charities.


Day one was nonstop busy with preparations and getting everything set up. Between loading everything out of the garage, reorganizing and cleaning what was left, there was plenty to keep me and my helpers busy. We even made a few bucks.

Day two was another story! It was like crickets. No customers, no company from my helpers, and no busy work to do. With the hard labor to “get ready” done, in theory all I had to do was wait for all the customers to show up, right?

It reminded me of the experience that many of my clients have when starting their business. There is the rush of the idea, the promise of possibility, and the busyness of preparation – and then crickets. It’s like throwing a party and no one shows up.

You’re thinking “I’m here. I’m ready. I’ve got great stuff to offer…… So, where is everyone?!?!” Unless you have clients not only do you not have a business but you aren’t able to share your gifts and you aren’t making the difference you were meant to. You start to think “Maybe what I have to offer isn’t that great after all….”

Stop right there! You have an amazing gift to give the world. You know it and I know it. But the number one obstacle that has many well-meaning, gifted entrepreneurs throw in the towel is having to sell their services.

Next week, I am hosting a complimentary training to share my proven techniques on how to offer your services and fill your business to FULL without ever feeling like you are selling. This the same exact formula that I used to double my business every single year for the past four years.

Whether you are a brand new entrepreneur filling your business for the first time or a veteran who is just tired of having to work to keep your business full, this call is for you. Join me on Wednesday, June 10th for Never “Sell” Again: How to Fill your Business Without Ever Feeling Like You’re Selling”  and you will learn:

          *What it actually takes for someone to choose to work with you

          *The one shift you can make that could double your sales instantly

          *How to make powerful invitations that inspire your ideal clients to take action

Space is limited on this one so reserve your spot now. See you there!

We’ve been going about it all wrong


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about what success really means. Of course, there are the obvious things like money, accomplishment and possessions…… but if you are like me, you may have achieved what the world thinks of as success only to be left with the feeling of “is this all there is?”

What is it we are really after when we say we want success?

I believe that a true experience of success is not about how much money you have, what you own or what you have accomplished. After all, how many of us have “been there; done that” and still feel empty?

It takes something more to bring us an actual experience of success which I refer to as fulfillment. And there is absolutely nothing external that can ever “fill you up.”

It is the “intangibles” much more than the “tangibles” that have us feel successful. After all, what good is all the money in the world if you have broken relationships? if you don’t feel deserving of it? if you are really wanting something more?

Regardless of your current level of outward success, it is the inner experience of yourself- including your mindset, your emotions, your actions and your connection to source – that will allow to truly attain success.

Elena Zanfei and I recently had a lively, thought-provoking and inspiring conversation around this very topic for her Rewire For Success Summit: Tap into the Power of your Authentic Self  , where Elena is sharing our conversation, as well as conversations with 23 other experts, on this very subject.

Ronda Wada Invitation

In these conversations you’ll hear our discoveries, realizations and clarity that we were able to achieve through our own inner-work. We are going to teach you techniques and strategies that helped us overcome frustration, doubt, and lack of direction, and that allowed us to up-level our thinking, shift to the next-level and put us on the ‘right’ path to clarity, success and ultimately fulfillment.

If you need a breakthrough in your life, feel stuck, unsuccessful, frustrated, or simply unfulfilled in life, this event will help you regain clarity, get motivated and help you shift your mindset towards real success.

I hope that you’ll take this opportunity to join me  and learn about the latest mindset shifting techniques that will bring you back to who you really are and guide you toward your dreams!

Again, registration is FREE  for a limited time!

Where you start is not where you’ll finish

Where you start is not where you’ll finish. Now at first glance that seems obvious doesn’t it?

After all, the starting line is where you start. The finish line is where you finish. And they are never in the same place, right?

In fact sometimes there is A LOT of distance between the two. The distance may be measured in time, in results, in revenue, in satisfaction, evolution of your message, in personal growth or in all of the above! All can be found in that space between “start” and “finish.”

Let’s take for example the distance between where I started in my own transformational entrepreneur journey and where I am today. By the calendar, in just two short weeks it  will be six years since I left my previous employment and went full time in my business. My income started out at next to nothing and thankfully has grown to far surpass my income as an employee which was already in the top six percent of the country.

When I started out I was facilitating emotional authenticity workshops for teenagers but quickly found that teenagers didn’t really have a problem – their parents had a problem with them 😉 So, I moved into coaching teens and parents which evolved into helping moms get out of overwhelm. Then once they were out of overwhelm, they wanted to have more meaning and purpose in there lives – enter Divine Navigation!

My point in sharing all this is that when I started, I had no idea where the finish line would actually be. I had no idea that I would not still be working with teens. I had no idea what lay ahead for me in the discovery of Divine Navigation. I had no idea that the work would take on a life of it’s own and grow far beyond me through the Divine Navigation Coaches. And how could I?

If I had decided where the finish line was, I could have actually limited what was possible and what has happened in the last six years.

I had no idea what was in store for me and you have no idea what’s really in store for you. But when you allow Divine Navigation to guide you, when you allow yourself to follow the breadcrumbs, hold on with an open hand and heart, live in alignment with your Divine Coordinates® and keep moving, I promise it will be far better than what you can actually believe is possible.

Between start and finish will lay many surprises, challenges, opportunities and obstacles. I can’t guarantee it will all be easy but I can guarantee that where you start is not where you will finish. And thank goodness for that!