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Each and every one of us is a messenger. Whether you choose to be a messenger within what you might call your “regular life” or choose to jump onto a stage and share it with the world, Activate Your Message will show you how to clarify, communicate and construct your true message.

During this amazing course, you will learn:

Uncover the message under your message

Find the words to communicate it so that your tribe instantly “gets you”

Create the platform that elevates you to the level you really want


There are two parts to a every message – the sending and the receiving. Make the difference you were meant to by Activating Your Message!   Find out more about how you can reach more people, have more success and make the difference you were meant to in the world!

Ronda Wada

Ronda Wada

Ronda Wada is a Life Fulfillment and Spiritual Business Mentor, and international speaker who has been said to have “x-ray vision for your soul.” Through her Business in Your Soul® and Divine Coordinates® programs, Ronda teaches high achieving women and entrepreneurs how to get the fulfillment along with the financial success they crave in their lives and businesses through aligning with who they really are not just who they think they have to be to get what they want.


Introduction: Activate Your True Message Video Training

You know you have a message you want to share with the world but is it your true message? Far too many spiritual messengers fail to ever create thriving profitable businesses with their message because they are missing these three crucial steps to activating their true message. In this introductory video to Ronda Wada’s Activate Your True Message Virtual Training you will learn the 3 key components that go in to activating your true message.

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Module 1: Clearing the Hidden “Interference” to Clarifying and Sharing Your Message

Have you made attempts to share your message that have fallen flat? Have you tried all the systems and techniques the gurus teach with little or no results? In Module 1 of Ronda Wada’s “Activate your True Message”, you will discover the hidden myths, mistakes, traps and syndromes that are blocking you from sharing your message and gifts with the world. It’s time to clear the interference that keeps you from being heard and understood in the market place so you can finally make the difference you were meant to!

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