It’s time to let go

I’m not sure how it’s possible but here we are two-thirds of the way into the first month of 2016!

Each year around the New Year, I host my annual Intentional Success in the New Year virtual retreat where I unveil my complete energetic forecast for the upcoming year. 

Recently, I was chatting with a gal who participated in this year’s annual New Year’s Virtual Retreat. She was sharing about her experience over the last couple of months and was asking about what was coming up in the progression of this year’s energetic forecast.

I said “let me just look at the forecast for you”………When we looked at the forecast, it was all right there! So, after sharing with her, I just had to share with you too 😉

Over the last couple of months, it might have seemed like not much has been happening in the way of external progress. Internally, however, is a completely different story!

The culmination of the energy of June and July has been working to bring you to greater and greater awareness around who you are and how you have been moving through the world. Some of your awarenesses may have been pleasant; some not so pleasant, as you began to assess where you have been turning over your power to all these years (maybe even all your life!)

These awarenesses (good and “bad”) are preparing you to reclaim your truth and come more fully  into your authentic expression in the world as a center of the creative life force.

You are being pulled forward to an entirely new vision for your life coming in with September’s energy. So, now is the time to let go of your old paradigm and belief systems that will not support us in the new reality that is waiting for you…… if you will allow it.

You can’t move into a new state of being dragging the old one with you!

It’s time to:

*Let go of all that is NOT you.

*Be honest with yourself about what no longer serves.

*Trust that even though you may not be able to see it fully yet, there is a new vision on the horizon for your life.

*Believe that all is in service to the Divine Plan.

*Do what you can too cooperate with it 😉

With the support of these universal energies, now is a perfect opportunity to reveal your true self and begin to live the life you were meant to live! And the best way I know to do that is to identify and live in alignment with your Divine Coordinates.

Your Divine Coordinates® are the specific set of energies that you personally were designed to express and experience. Each of us have them but most of us aren’t aware of them and many aren’t using them. Knowing your Divine Coordinates is paramount in you being the person you were sent here to be. This unique combination of energies can’t be found in any other person anywhere else in the world. Your level of success and fulfillment, professionally, personally and spiritually is determined by the degree to which you are fulfilling on these energies. In order to do that, you must first know what they are!

I am excited to announce that enrollment is now open for our next Divine Coordinates Activation program! This program is limited to 24 participants – a fraction of the inquires we’ve received – and four spots have already been filled leaving only 20 spots remaining.

If you’re thinking “I wonder what my Divine Coordinates are!” and you are truly ready to know yourself at the deepest levels possible, all you need to do is drop us an email at and we will send you details on how you schedule a private call with me to confirm that the program is a fit for you.

Knowing your Divine Coordinates will allow you to let go of what it not you, step into your truth, own your power and live into the highest potential of success and satisfaction for you life.

It’s time! Are you ready?

Eat, Pray….. Heartbreak

Last week, Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love fame revealed that she and her husband (the Love part of the book), were separating. While divorce is no longer the taboo that it once was, it is still never something that one endeavors into lightly.

Especially when it is a relationship that has been on public display and is viewed as a cornerstone of one’s success.

I am by no means saying that this is how Liz would or does view her relationship but based on some of the hurtful comments made on social media by some of her followers there are those that appear to.

There were comments to the affect of people feeling betrayed by the renewed hope they received through being witness, voyeur even, to the journey of this love story.


Just because it has come to an end in it’s current form does not mean that it is no longer a love story!


Any relationship, no matter the length or form, that opens your heart, expands your capacity to give and receive, strengthens your ability to express love and ultimately makes you a better you is a love story.

For me, I never followed Liz because of her love story – except the love story she had with herself. Others apparently did.

The best teachers are in the trenches with you every day. Living life, learning, growing, messing up, getting hurt, getting back up, giving it another try and sharing their journey along the way.

Where we get into trouble is when we expect our teachers and guides to live up to a misguided ideal that we project onto them.

It takes an unparalleled amount of courage, a deep sense of self and an unfailing commitment to our own growth and that of our fellow man to keeping showing up and sharing opening and freely in the face of potential persecution that may come our way with our perceived failings.

But I gotta tell ya….


I’d rather see your scrapes and scars over a facade of perfection any day.


And I have no doubt there is more to learn from and appreciate about that person than one who has never seen challenge or pain.

Maybe if we stop holding ourselves to an unattainable ideal of perfection we can stop holding other to it as well.

Liz Gilbert is a beautiful example of the power of transparency. 

Transparency is not about over sharing or making public what is private such as the details to why these two beautiful people are choosing to change the form of their relationship at this time. It is about dropping the facades and meeting one another soul to soul.

In order to have the ability to meet another in this sacred space, you must first know your own soul. You muse be willing to look yourself straight in the eye and acknowledge and embrace every single element of the beautifully complex being that you are.

Intimacy must first be created with yourself. It’s time to stop hiding, avoiding and denying your truth. Until you learn how to be fully transparent with yourself real intimacy and truly being seen by another will elude us.


Let’s take off the masks of perfection and truly witness ourselves and one another with all our flaws, failings and fantastical-fucked up-ness and choose to love anyway. 


Let’s hold the space for dear Liz’s healing the way we would wish for the space to held for us.




P.S. We are getting ready to begin enrollment for the next Divine Coordinates Activation Program so if you are ready to know your beautifully complex soul at an entirely new level it might be time to learn you Divine Coordinates®!  Simply send me an to guidance at and let us know that you are interested in finding out about the Divine Coordinates Activation program. Details coming soon but only to those who ask for them by sending us an email!

Independence, Freedom and Sovereignty


It is said that we live in the home of the free but I have to say, that’s not what it looks like to me most days.

I’m not talking about the Revolution where the United States claimed it’s Independence from England, I’m talking about YOUR independence; YOUR freedom.

Let’s first consider the common definitions of independence and freedom according to

independence: freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.

freedom: exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc; the power to determine action without restraint.


At the core of independence is freedom. Being independent is not about being insulated or isolated or disconnected from others. It is about the ability to  stand in your power, connected to your truth with the freedom to act on that that truth.

But the fact of the matter is that many of us are not experiencing freedom in our daily lives. Far too many of us don’t feel empowered enough to make changes in our lives. We are afraid to speak our truth out of fear of what someone else will think. We have been conditioned to believe that we can’t live the life we really want.


Here are a few scenarios to consider:

*Are you able to make small and large choices for yourself from an authentic and aligned place? Or do you unconsciously (or consciously) run through a list of how what’s true for you lines up with how you think you are supposed to show up or what others expect of you?

*Are your days filled with people and activities that bring you joy? Or are you pushing through days filled with duties and obligations that bring you little if any joy?

*Are the people that surround you the ones that lift you up, encourage you to be your authentic self and pursue your dreams? Or do they pull you down, keep you stuck and expect you to fulfill their needs first?

*Are you waking up each morning with gratitude in you heart, light in your spirit and a fire in your belly? Or do you wake up in dread and overwhelm and instantly start reviewing your to-do list the moment your eyes open?


When I pose these types of questions, people sometimes start to panic. What about my family? What about my husband? What about my kids? How will I support myself? What would people think? I intentionally used extreme examples to make a point.

The freedom and independence we are talking about doesn’t mean that you have to throw out your entire life. It’s about how you operate in and move through that life. It’s about who has the last word on what is right and good for you, as well as the responsibility for living with those decisions. It’s about sovereignty.

sovereignty: the quality or state of being of being sovereign, or of having supreme power and authority


Of course, not every moment of life and be joyful every moment. Life is not meant to be totally smooth sailing. We go through experiences to grow and evolve. But no matter what the circumstances, you can be the authority in your life. You can experience yourself as the powerful creative being that you are.

Those of us that live in the US are technically “free” but tell me honestly, how at choice do you feel in your life? How much are you leading your own life? So, how free are you; really?

For me the ultimate feeling of freedom comes from knowing exactly who I am and why I am here. From knowing and living in alignment with my Divine Coordinates® so that I can fulfill myself and my purpose in the very next room I walk in to. And if I move out of that experience, I also have the exact path to return to center, to myself and to my sovereignty in the next breath.

Wishing you all the freedom, independence and sovereignty that is your birthright!

Lessons Learned from my Father


I’m never quite sure how to behave on Father’s Day any more. My father transitioned just days after Father’s Day three years ago. In fact, this year Father’s Day falls on the anniversary of his passing.

Last year, I made a public declaration that I would not continue to celebrate the day he left this earth and instead remained focused on the day he came to this earth. However, with his last day with us being so close to Father’s Day, it’s hard not to acknowledge. Particularly this year when they are one in the same day.

FullSizeRender (43)Last Saturday as I was sitting under the pine trees in my back yard in Colorado, watching the sun shine through the branches, I was thinking about the fact that Father’s Day was coming up and contemplating my father’s life.

When we held his memorial at his church, the dog park, my brother and I did not prepare a eulogy. We simply shared extemporaneously. I spontaneously shared that I had learned two primary things from my father. These were two of his most honorable qualities. The two lessons I shared that day were “Be Kind” and “Do What’s Right; Even When It’s Hard.”

As I sat under under the trees last weekend, I began to contemplate some other “lessons” I learned from my dad. And some of the ways they manifested in my life as well as his. That also revealed the “shadow” side of these seemingly wonderful qualities.

You see, every thing in life has a light side and a dark side. Being careful not to place judgement, these are simply two aspects of something. Even the seemingly good qualities we possess can be overdone to our own detriment. As they say “there can be too much of a “good” thing.”

Here are the original two lessons that came to me that day at the dog park memorial as well as a couple more from both sides:


Lesson #1 – Be Kind.

My dad never had a bad word to say about any one. Even those that had done some very bad things. It’s the old adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” My dad learned that lesson very well.

The trouble was that instead of getting out the hurt, the outrage and the anger. He internalize it all instead. I never saw him get angry. Not even once. Not even when he was dying.

Being “nice” at any cost is too high a price to pay. Your health and well-being is directly connected to your emotional authenticity. To being honest with yourself, feeling what you feel and finding heathy way to express what’s true for you. Your LIFE literally depends on it!


Lesson #2 – Do what’s right; even when it’s hard.

Like most of us, my dad went through some $hi! in his life. One of the most amazing things about him is that he truly always took the high road. He was the one to stick around to pick up the pieces, take responsibility and put things back together when they fell apart. He did what was “right” – always.

The thing is that as much as we might not think so, “right” is subjective. And if doing the “right” thing in the eyes of someone else keeps you from what is “right” for you then is it really “right?”

Each of us has to come to the delicate balance of internal alignment and external expectation. Anytime doing what is “right” externally creates a misalignment for you internally you must consider other ways to create positive outcomes.

Being true to yourself and living in alignment with your truth is always the right thing!


Lesson #3 – Be unattached and unemotional.

My dad never had a lot of expectations and he was “easy to please” because according to him he really didn’t have a lot of preferences. The old “don’t dream and you won’t be disappointed” comes to mind for me.

This one makes for a very easy going even keeled kind of a guy. But just like he never got angry he never got excited either. The thing about not getting angry or getting excited is that your entire emotional spectrum is limited.

We can only go as high as we can go low. So the more depths you can fully experience and feel emotionally the more heights you can experience as well. As they say “how can you know joy if you’ve never known pain.”

It’s okay to connect to your desires and feel your feelings deeply. In fact, if you don’t, you aren’t really living!


Lesson #4 – Hold people accountable.

Of course it is valid that people should be held responsible for their actions. But being the righteous one that never forgets doesn’t do anyone any favors, especially you.

There comes a point when it is time to let go and allow whatever happened to be water under the bridge. Your past becomes your present (and your future) until you can let it go and leave it behind.

Remember that forgiveness isn’t about letting someone else off the hook for what they did. It’s about freeing yourself by not allowing whatever they did to continue to poison your life.

It’s time to release others so you can be free!


I invite you to contemplate any ways of being that you have identified with as the “way you are.” These are likely things you are proud of about yourself. As you ought to be!

And…….I invite to to take a peak behind the curtain into the shadow to reveal any ways that this habit of being may not be serving you.

IMG_1747 (1)

I loved my father dearly. I learned many wonderful things things from him. Just because he is no longer on this earth does not mean that I will deify him. He was just a man. I love him as much for his faults and failings as I do for his wonderful attributes. And in the end isn’t that what True Love really is?

I honor my father today, the dark and the light, and all beautiful aspects in between.



I’ve been keeping things from you….


For years now, I have openly shared my personal journey with you. Sharing my most current insights pretty much in real time. As of late, I’ve been holding back and keeping things from you though. 


You see, for the last year and a half I’ve been in a relationship with a wonderful man. The fact that someone else was now intimately involved in many of my personal insights   made it more challenging for me to share my experiences with you.


It felt like my insights weren’t mine to share because I wasn’t the only one involved.  I conveniently made up that because he is a much more private person than I that out of respect for him I couldn’t share with you the way that I was used to.


After all, when I was on my own there was no need to be concerned with respecting someone else’s privacy. No need to worry about what some one else might think. No pressure to make sure my significant other knew what was going on with me before I shared it with you.


I’ve been walking a tight rope of what to share and what not to share.


Just because he is wonderful (which he is!) and just because our relationship is the most conscious spiritually evolved example of mature intimacy I have ever experienced (in part because I am the most conscious spiritually evolved version of myself that I’ve ever been!) doesn’t mean that stuff doesn’t come up. Quite the opposite!


It is specifically because our relationship is all of that, that all my “stuff” can come up! Of course, his stuff comes up too….. Then it bumps up against my stuff which then bumps back. Usually, this is the point where most relationships start to unravel.


When we first began contemplating being in relationship with one another, we spent a good three weeks discussing what we wanted out of our potential relationship. We had to. We lived 1100 miles apart and we couldn’t simply fall into a relationship out of geographical convenience, we had to create our relationship intentionally.


Out of those discussions, being a catalyst for healing became one of the primary intentions for our relationship. For me, even considering entering into an actual relationship again after close to eight years was a healing in and of itself!


With that kind of intention, insights are bound to follow, right?


About six months ago, I shared with him that I was feeling incongruent about not sharing more of our journey openly with my greater community. At that time his response was “You have to be authentic. Do whatever you need to do.” (See! I told you he was amazing!)


But the thing is, I still wasn’t sharing….. so, I obviously couldn’t blame it on respecting his privacy any more. After all, he gave me carte blanche to share, right? So, what was really holding me back?


One of the things I haven’t opening shared is that I have spent most the majority of the last nine months in California near where he lives. Due to various circumstances, I am primarily back in Colorado for the time being. So, as you can imagine that has brought up a whole bundle of new opportunities for learning, growth and healing.


This morning, I realized that I was never keeping things from you out of respect for him (well at least not solely)… truth it is because I have been down right afraid to let you in on this part of my journey.


What is it I was  so afraid of?

1.That you would find out that I don’t have any idea what I am doing when it comes to this area of my life. With two “failed” marriages, romantic relationships have been my area of biggest failure – which I have been open about! – and the source of my deepest shame. But of course, I don’t know what I’m doing! I’ve never done “this” before – especially not this way. And in reality, there was once a time that I didn’t know any of the things I confidently know today. Why should this be any different?

2. I don’t want you to start looking to me for relationship advice or necessarily want to become your guide in this area except for your relationship with yourself which is of course the foundation of any other kind of successful relationship. Now that, I am an expert on! It is only because of the time and care that I took (eight long years!) in getting to know the true me that I was even willing to consider a relationship much less being ready for this amazing man. It’s all because of the relationship that I have created with myself.

And here comes the big one……

3.What if it doesn’t work out?!?!? As if it not “working out” would negate all of the amazing growth I, we, have experienced. As if what I have learned about myself, relationships in general, not to mention what I’ve learned about my own Divine Coordinates® and how two people’s Divine Coordinates interact with one another would suddenly disappear up in smoke and be invalidated if we were to part ways. Silly me!

On top of which it “working out” would be the old paradigm of relationship…. which we are definitely not participating in! Gone are the days where we are solely focused on getting and keeping a relationship no matter the cost. We are all being called to use relationships of all types as our playground for personal and spiritual growth – not as evidence of our worth or proof of where we’ve been. 

No matter how long or in what form it continues this union has already been successful because we achieved what we intended to – deep connection, honoring of one another, and profound healing that each of us will carry forward with us wherever we go.


There you have it. I’ve been holding out on you……. and today that ends!


In gratitude for the privilege of sharing the journey with YOU!






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The Cause of ALL your Suffering


We’ve all had pain in our lives. It is an inevitable part of being human. Suffering, however, is an entirely different experience.

The external circumstances often look very similar, if not exactly the same, but the circumstances are not what creates your experience.

A few years back, I had a Divine Navigation client who’s husband had ended up in the hospital a month or so after she learned and started working with her Divine Coordinates.

During a private session, I remember her asking me if it was okay that she wasn’t overwrought about the situation. (Her husband was fine in the end, by the way!) I shared this well known quote with her…..

“Pain is inevitable; Suffering is optional.”

Yes, there was concern but there was no anxiety. What made that possible?

For once in her life (her words!), she knew exactly who she was. She had learned how to be fully present in her own life. And she was aligning her daily experiences with that truth.

The number one cause of all your suffering, is that you are denying your truth.

If you are experiencing any form of suffering in your life, I can guarantee that you are not living your truth, not feeling your truth, not thinking your truth, not acting on your truth or not expressing your truth – maybe all of the above!

DN_SocialMedia_Unnec- Suffering 2-16

I have witnessed untold sufferings end for people upon identifying and working with their Divine Coordinates. Everything from curing insomnia and depression to saving marriages that were on the brink to breathing life back into careers and businesses that people were ready to give up on.

Knowing who you are and living in alignment with that truth makes you practically immune to suffering!

Your Divine Coordinates® are the specific set of energies that you personally were designed to express and experience. This unique combination of energies can’t be found in any other person anywhere else in the world.

Your level of success and fulfillment, professionally, personally and spiritually is determined by the degree to which you are fulfilling on these energies. In order to do that, you must first know what they are!

Are you ready to end your suffering?

Last week, we shared details  with those that inquired on how you can experience the Divine Coordinates process and the Divine Navigation work in a whole new way.

If you’ve thought “I wonder what my Divine Coordinates are” and you are truly ready to end your suffering, this is the exact opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Space is super limited for this pilot group  and based on the waiting list we have for the program announcement, I can’t promise that we won’t already be full before I get the chance to share more details with our broader community.

All you need to do is send us an email and you will to get the details on  how you can take advantage of this special one-time opportunity.

Knowing your Divine Coordinates will allow you to step into your truth, own your power and live a life of deep satisfaction and fulfillment.

Are you ready?

Cooperate with the energy


Here we are withe end of the first month of 2016 in sight! How’s it going so far? Can you honestly say that you are making the most of the opportunities that 2016 holds for you?

Each new year holds unique opportunities that build upon the last while also separate and apart from it. However, they are just that – opportunities. Nothing will guarantee that you achieve the opportunity for self-mastery that 2016 affords you……. unless you actively participate and cooperate with the energy and do the work required!

You may recall that around the New Year, I hosted my annual Intentional Success in the New Year virtual retreat where I unveiled my complete energetic forecast for 2016. Usually, participants of the virtual retreat are the only people who are privy to that forecast.

However, as I, myself, have been working with the energetic theme of this month, as well as with my private clients, I keep thinking, “This is just too good not to share with everyone!” So that’s what I’ve decided to do!

I’ll start with the overall theme for 2016. Based on your experiences and the energies that came before, this year is your very best opportunity yet to take off the masks and really start living the life your were designed to live.

It’s time to really look at yourself in a discerning yet gentle way and being completely honest with yourself, ask:

    • Am I being who I really truly am?
    • Am I on the path to my highest potential?
    • Am I truly living in alignment with what I’m here for?

2016 is the ultimate time to step into who you are as a Divine Being and own your Spiritual Lineage, Your Highest Potential and Your Divine Destiny. Sounds like a pretty big year doesn’t it?!!?!? Well, that’s because IT IS!

Supporting the overall theme of this year, each “month” has a specific energetic theme to help you make the journey to your Highest Potential, to your True Self. These are not hard and fast dates like our calendar but rather a sequence of energies.

I noticed that January’s theme really began coming in strongly with the New Moon on January 9th. (To me, the first New Moon of the year is always what energetically really feels like the New Year to me.) And it only intensified with the Full Moon on January 23rd.

While I am not an astrologer, nor do I consult astrology before doing the yearly energetic forecast, it does always fascinate me how closely aspects of the moon cycles end up mirroring what I have forecasted. In fact, I recently discovered that astrologically, the Sabian symbol for the full moon on Jan 23rd was “A Human Soul Seeking Opportunities for Outward Manifestation.”

How cool is that image?!?! I’m in! Plus it is a direct correlation to our first theme of the year – Integration. Integration ultimately brings you to the place where you can fully express as a soul on earth! And I am all about that!!

In the context of the overall theme for the year, your first focus must absolutely be the complete integration of all that you are. Integration reminds you that in order to step into your spiritual lineage and reach your highest potential, you have got to bring all parts of you into the equation.

There is a synthesis that is needing to happen in order for you to reach your next level of spiritual mastery which is what we are all being called to in 2016.  An integration of all that you are and all that you can be. This absolutely MUST be your first order of business, if you are going to live in to your Divine Destiny in 2016!

Do you know who you really are and who you came here to be?

Integration also includes bringing forward the aspects of yourself that maybe you have judged as wrong or bad. These parts of you and must be embraced and integrated before they can express in more pure and positive ways.

What parts of you are you simply not embracing or downright completely rejecting?

What gets in the way of Integration for most is that you don’t know who you really are so you have no idea what to integrate. You have grown so accustomed to who you have been that you have no idea how to begin to find your way back to yourself. Or you are so distracted by who you think you are supposed to be that the true you doesn’t have a chance to come forth and guide you in your life.

With the support of these universal energies, now is a perfect opportunity to reveal your true self and begin to live the life you were meant to live! And the best way I know to do that is to identify and live in alignment with your Divine Coordinates®.

Your Divine Coordinates are the specific set of energies that you personally were designed to express and experience. Each of us have them but most of us aren’t aware of them and many aren’t using them. Knowing your Divine Coordinates is paramount in you being the person you were sent here to be.

This unique combination of energies cannot be found in any other person anywhere else in the world. Your level of success and fulfillment, professionally, personally and spiritually is determined by the degree to which you are fulfilling on these energies. In order to do that, you must first know what they are!

If you’re thinking “I wonder what my Divine Coordinates are!” and you are truly ready to know who you really are, I have a very exciting opportunity coming up for a small group of people to experience the Divine Coordinates process and the Divine Navigation work in a whole new way.

Very soon we will be testing a new program design that will allow us to serve many more souls in 2016. The spaces are super limited, and based on the response we’ve already had, the remaining spots are going to fill up fast. So, I can’t promise that we won’t already be full before I get the chance to share more details with our broader community.

If this is speaking to you and you know that this is the exact opportunity you’ve been waiting for to allow you to step into your truth, own your power and live a life of deep satisfaction and fulfillment, simply send us an email and I guarantee that you will be among the first to get the details on this special opportunity.

Keep paying attention to all the ways you are being called to step up and step into your power and your truth!

Fifth Anniversary of the Birth of my True Calling


Five years ago today, the work now known as Divine Navigation was birthed.

I was  in session with a client that day using another process and for the first time ever it simply wasn’t working.

In a flash, I gave it UP. While part of me could have panicked and thought “Oh no! I don’t know what to do!” Instead of defeat I shifted into allowing and gave it “up” to the heavens.

I remember the moment so vividly (and my client Sue will be forever immortalized in my memory for her special role in this birthing). I lifted my eyes skyward and said to myself “Ok, guys. Help me out here. Where am I going?”

The Divine Coordinates® process, the core process of Your Divine Navigation System® came in that very day in that very session. January 24, 2011.

The bulk of the core teachings themselves continued to “come in” over the next four to six months as I myself proceeded to learn how this “thing” worked through mediation, writing and directly through my private work with clients.

Allowing it to reveal itself rather than me “deciding” what it should be and how it should work has led to a truly Divine Inspired body of work. It has also has taken much less efforting and “figuring out” as I have allowed myself to be led by it than if I tried to take the wheel and steer it myself.

To this day, I continue to remind myself to turn over the reigns as frequently as possible. The work continues to teach me how it works and is ever growing, expanding and evolving as any “living” thing does.

Divine Navigation has it’s own life force and I am merely it’s humble steward for which I am eternally grateful each and every day. There is no doubt that this is my life’s work.

I have no idea where it will ultimately lead me next and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Find out more about Divine Navigation® and The Business In Your Soul®


I needed to read my own words today


Years ago I started a blog and quickly abandoned it. In fact, I had completely lost track of it with no way idea how to even locate it myself. Due to a computer crash in 2011, those pieces were simply lost to me…. except for the feel of that very first post.

Although I could not recall the words, I had a cellular memory of the power that ran through me as I wrote that very first post. Over the last week or so, I had been thinking about that post and wishing that I could locate it.

Today, I got a lovely surprise in the form of a Facebook “memory.” They lovingly reminded me that six years ago on this day, I shared that very first blog post. I thought I wanted to find the post for a quote that I used to start it off. I had searched for the quote repeatedly over the years to no avail.

It turns out that I need to read my own words today….

When I wrote that post, little did I know – or maybe part of me did – that 2010 would be perhaps the single most challenging year of my life. Harder than my divorce, harder than my annulment, even harder than caring for my father as he prepared to make his transition from this world.

It was a year of complete dismantling of who I had been.

It was a year of short-sales, foreclosure, facing the inevitability of bankruptcy, of shattered hopes and dreams. It was a true “dark night of the soul” where everything that wasn’t aligned with the true me was removed piece by piece from my life.

It was a year of transition from who I had been to who I AM.

Once again, I find myself in a time of great transition. I can feel a new higher level of being calling to me. I’ve been through these phases enough times now to recognize that I am in another personal accelerated growth stage. Thankfully because I’ve done my work over these last six years, there is no need for destruction to be part of my process this time – thank goodness!  – but it is no less transformative.

Finding my own words toady, reminds me of my conviction and commitment to continually uncover and live my truth – no matter what. They remind me that although I may have abandoned the blog I never abandoned the journey.

I hope my words inspire you in some way today as well.

DN_SocialMedia_1-13-16_Journey to find yourself

One Woman’s Journey – Original Written: 1/11/2010

After the end of my brief second marriage, I began a journey back to myself, my authentic self. It has been a winding road and I have yet to see the end of the path. Sometimes it is a clear path. Sometimes not so clear. Sometimes I think I am on the path only to discover that it is not truly my path but just a segment of beaten down grass flattened by another.

I stop. Take in my surroundings and circumstances. Check in with my internal compass  – this I now know as my Divine Navigation System 😉 I step on to my path once again. And proceed. I’m not sure this is a journey that ever ends as long as I am among the living.

I may grow weary of the journey at times but I continue on. Sometimes it is swift. Sometimes it feels like walking backwards waist deep in mud. Either way I am committed to the journey. To me there is nothing of greater importance.

Ralph Waldo Emerson said “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” I have found this to be some of the truest words I have ever heard.

Women in particular wander or blatantly get pulled off our paths at an alarming majority. We often consider everyone else’s need and wants in front of our own. I believe that this is partly due to our caring compassionate nature and partly the due to the roles and standards created in our society.

Wherever you may be on your journey, which ever path you have chosen thus far, each day provides a new opportunity to choose who you want to be. Choose wisely. Choose mindfully. But please choose YOU.

Follow me on my journey back to myself. My way is  just that – my way. Your way will likely look a bit different. But what I am certain of is that in sharing parts of my journey with you, we will all reach greater heights together. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu. Let’s walk together for a spell.


Having walked the path myself, I know having a guide on your journey can make all the difference in how long and arduous your journey. I’ve discovered the short cuts and “the way through” to the true you.

If you are feeling called to receive guidance and support, now is the perfect time! We have a very exciting opportunity coming up for a small group of people to experience the Divine Coordinates process and the Divine Navigation work in a whole new way.

We are testing a new program design coming up that will allow us to serve more souls in 2016. The spaces are super limited, so I can’t promise that we will be sharing details with our broader community because it may fill up before we get to that point.

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Create Magic without New Year’s Resolutions


January 1st marks the New Year, when we traditionally reflect on the year that has just ended.

Many of us also make New Year’s Resolutions at this time. Often resolving that there are things we will do differently or perhaps change in our lives for the year to come. This is one of the longest traditions I know of in modern society.

Did you ever stop to wonder where this tradition even came from? 

Janus, the mythological god of beginnings, for which January is named is thought to be the origins of the reflective nature and future visioning of the New Year. Janus was said to have two faces, one on the front of his head and one on the back. This allowed him to always look backward and forward at the same time.

About five years ago, I was with some family and friends in the week between Christmas and New Year’s when this topic came up. Someone asked “who has made New Year’s Resolutions?” My response: “Not me. I don’t believe in them.”

Approximately half of us make New Year’s resolutions. I am not one of them. 


There are a couple of reasons why I just don’t get the point. First is the idea that this one time of the year is our prime opportunity to make change or have something different in our lives. To me, this is just another way to delay your life. Life is NOW. No matter when that now is. Each day that you open your eyes you have the same opportunity to choose something new.

Another reason is that way more people fail than succeed. Sure the first couple of weeks tend to go fine but check in with people in February and the vast majority have fallen by the wayside. Repeated failures lead to lowered self esteem and create unconscious lack of trust in ourselves.

Here are some of my top reasons why resolutions fail:


    • The resolution you set isn’t something you REALLY want but more likely something you THINK you should want.
    • Resolutions are often based ion changing behaviors rather than on the source of the behaviors; your thoughts and beliefs.
    • The focus is on stopping something. Trying NOT to do something, avoiding something, does not breed positive results or affirming feelings.
    • They are often based in the premise that something is wrong with you as-is. Basically, they are based in a judgment of what IS. Anything we judge, we lock into place.


Before you finalize your list of resolutions, here are some tips to increase your chances of success:

      1. Don’t set yourself up – Be realistic. You have no idea how hard that is for me to say! I am not a big fan of living life being strictly logical and reasonable. In this case, I recommend a hefty dose. Be honest with yourself about what you can really do.
      2. Find your true source of motivation – Identify what experience you are REALLY after. Again, if we use the example of weight loss (arguably perhaps the highest made resolution each year), do you really want to loose 20 pounds or do you want to feel great when you walk into your reunion? That feeling, the experience is what you are really after. Go for that one. Knowing what your true motivation is will increase your chances of success.
      3. Ramp-up your resolution –  – Two ways to feel more successful more often in the process is to first ramp up your resolution. Say that you are going to go from not exercising at all to working out 7 days a week is a sure way to end up one of the statistics of failed resolutions. Start with two days a week and ramp up from there.
      4. Success breeds success – Feel more successful more often by breaking your resolution down into bite sized pieces. If you want to loose 20 pounds, first set your sights on five pounds. Then the next five. Small wins lead to massive victories.
      5. Press the reset button every day – Any long-term change requires a commitment and recommitting to that commitment each and every day. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have an off day. That means that each day, you have the chance to choose to commit again. Don’t allow yourself to completely throw in the towel for a small slip or misstep.


As I said, I personally do not create New Year’s Resolution. Quite simply, they don’t work. But I do always take full advantage of this magical time or year!

Over the years, I have created a very special rituals and ceremonies for myself to successfully bid farewell to the ending year and welcome in the new one and I’d love to share this sacred time with you.

This is the one time of year that I reveal my completely unique process of intention creation absolutely free during my complimentary training Intentional Success in the New Year coming up on December 30th.


During this free training, you will:

*Discover what 2015 was REALLY about for you

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It’s time to live the life you were born to live!

Committed to your success,