Build Your Practice


BUILD Your Practice

Are you ready to take your training and processes into the world and make a difference through either a part time or full time business?


Whether you don’t have a clue where to start or you just need your ideas crystallized, the BUILD Tele-training will show you how to bring it all together in the way that YOU want that will draw the perfect clients for you to you! Ronda will guide you through the steps she took to take a struggling coaching practice to a booked solid one in record time!

Rather than bumping around figuring all this out by trial and error like I did, cut your learning curve in half! Don’t waste precious time trying to figure this out on your own!


B – BEing and Branding.

BE you and attract loads of clients! With this type of business it’s more about who you BE then what you do. People are drawn to YOU. A clear messenger is the first step to ALL your Branding. You ARE your business.

U – Understand & Utilize

Understand the transformation you provide. What is the experience that people will have available through working with you?

Utilize the 3 Cs of your Marketing Message creation which is the first step to marketing – Be Clear, Concise and Consistent

I – Identify & Identify WITH your Ideal Client

Identify Your Ideal Client – Who do you have the absolute most fun working with? Believe it or not, those are the people you can create the most transformation for

Identify WITH your Ideal Client – What are the words that THEY would use to describe what their challenges are? Learn to speak so they can hear you and PICK YOU!

L – Leverage your Sessions to B.U.I.L.D. a Sustainable Practice

The initial process is only the beginning! By designing, creating & strategically pricing continuity programs you can build a business AND make a difference at the same time!

D – Duplicate and Delegate 

Work ON your business while you work IN your business. Create your plan for stable consistent growth AND expansion as desired!

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If you are just getting started or are already established and want to take your business to the next level, then Ronda’s B.U.I.L.D program working will provide you with quick and profitable results. In a few short weeks with only a few hours of Ronda’s guidance I cut through months and possibly years of trial and error. Ronda takes you to the heart of what is important and is amazingly gifted in helping you discover your target market, hone your message, and build your brand. If you want to fast forward your progress, work with Ronda.  ~Michelle McCullar



“B.U.I.L.D. Your Practice” today and finally make the difference and the money you were meant to!


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