The Business in Your Soul


Why is it that such a precious few of us seem to have found our groove and love every moment of our work days while others putter along just hoping for “not a bad” day. This is NOT what our lives are meant to be like. Every human being wants to make a contribution to our world and the people in it. We all want to know that we are valuable and important. The catch is that most of us have no idea what it is that would provide us with those feelings of satisfaction.


What if I told you that there is something very specific that you were born to do and I can show you how to uncover it?


  • Are you tired of doing what you’ve always done for work?

  • Do you know there is a bigger calling for you, if only you knew what it was?

  • Sick of leaving your true self at home when you head to the office?

  • Want to make a difference in the world but aren’t sure where to start?


Well, I say NO MORE! I am Ronda Wada and I am committed to changing the way that we choose what we do for work. I am committed to people living congruent lives. No longer leaving themselves at home while they trudge off to work only to return so defeated, empty and broken hearted that they can’t really be present with their families. I am committed to you living fully expressed in every area of your life!


What I wish for each and every one of you is that you don’t settle. That you find the work that is your play – so much so that it may be hard to distinguish. That the fullness of who you are is present in every area of your life and that you share the gift of you with the world through your work (or business).


When you uncover The Business in YOUR Soul you will:


  • Look forward to Mondays more than Fridays

  • Know exactly what direction you want to go in

  • Wake up excited about what’s on your schedule

  • Make the difference you were born to make!


In Ronda’s Business in Your Soul(TM) Program you discover three key components that will point you in the direction you were meant to go and the business you were designed to be in.



First you will uncover your Unconscious Motivation. See, there is actually an experience that you are after that you aren’t likely aware of. This is the one experience that will bring you ultimate fulfillment and thereby ultimate success.


Next, you will identify your Unconscious Competence. This is something (or somethings) that you are so naturally gifted at that you may not even realize that it’s valuable. You may think “Can’t everyone do that?” or say “It’s not that big-a-deal.” Here lies you natural modality and ideal delivery method.


Finally, we reveal your Unconscious Contribution. This is the area where you can make the biggest impact in and on the world. The world is literally waiting  for you to show up here!


When we bring these three keys together, you’ve got The Business in Your Soul!


Can you imagine a world were everyone loved what they do for work? It may sound like a dream and it is. It is my dream. Will you join me? Let’s go!

I want to talk to Ronda about her Business in Your Soul Program NOW!