Healthy Wealthy & Wise 3 – The Energy of Productivity

Discover “The Energy of Productivity”!


 “None of the circumstances of your life need to change for your whole life to change!”

 – Ronda Wada

Ever have those days where you are just going and going but don’t you don’t seem to be getting any where?

  • Notice how some people seem to be so much more effective than others?
  • Have you experience being in “the flow” but don’t know how to get there at will?
  •  Do you have more to do than seems can possibly be done?
  •  Why is it that two people can take the same exact steps and get completely different results?


We all have more to do than can be possibly be done. So, doesn’t it make sense that we would want to make the most of every moment?

There IS an Energy of Productivity! With just a few minor shifts you can become more efficient and more effective almost effortlessly! Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

 My name is Ronda Wada and I will show you how!

 Taken from the concepts I shared in my SOLD OUT inagural series of  “Transform Your To-Do List: From Overwhelmed to Overjoyed!” I will show you how you can get more done in less time with more joy and greater ease!


I have been a single mother of two for over a decade all while holding down a highly demanding sales job selling millions of dollars a year, managing multiple rental properties and running my own business all at the same time!

You may be thinking, “Oh, yeah…anyone can get more done with the means to have help”. I assure you there was NO help!

People would frequently ask me “How are you doing all this?” My response was always “I don’t know – I’m just doing it!”. Now, I can tell you HOW!


“….the tools that you share are incredible and they have totally changed my life in numerous ways…..and like ripples in the pond….what affects me, affects those around me….changing the world in big and small ways.”

– Marianna, Kit Carson, CO