It’s my birthday! I’m having a sale!


It’s my birthday and I want to celebrate with YOU!

44% off for my 44th birthday for 4 days only!



If you’ve been following what’s been going on in my world, you know that this past year has been a little (or a lot!) like a roller coaster for me in my personal world. So, I am excited to energetically start a new year with a clean slate!


I am going to be 44 this year and I was inspired to to have my first ever sale!


For 4 days over my birthday on September 8th, all of my self-guided programs (21 Days to Energetic Success, Transform Your-To-Do List and B.U.I.L.D. Your Practice) will be available for 44% off! These programs have never even been offered for sale on my website at all before this.


This will be a private sale for my community members only. So, be sure to register below to be sure that you receive your coupon code!



There is still time!

Due to a technology glitch we have extended the sale through September 15th!


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