Message Your Mission



  • Are you a coach, a healing practitioner or spiritual guide struggling to get your message out into the world?

  • Are you working in your calling but not having the impact or achieving the results you desire?

  • Are you having a hard time getting people to really understand what you do and why they would want it?


We are often so close to our message and mission that it can be hard to effectively communicate who we are and what we do in a way that inspires people to action.


I am Ronda Wada and I take well meaning spiritually based entrepreneurs from frustrated practitioners to effective business owners by creating language, metaphor and structure around their message so that their ideal clients are instantly drawn to them and they can finally make the difference they were meant to!


This process is completely individualized to you and is available to a limited number of coaches and practitioners at a time. Please use the Reach Out tab to inquire and receive an application.



I am so grateful that Ronda Wada is sharing her talents for Messaging Your Mission with the world. In a matter of hours, Ronda has helped transform me from a wandering man lost in translation – to an impactful man on a mission with an accessible, compelling message. In the week + since I’ve rolled out my new message, I find myself more confident in communicating about what I do, knowing the simple, accessible message will hit home – and I’ve seen new doors open for speaking opportunities, and working with larger audiences around the world. I’ve gone from spinning my message wheels to major traction – overnight. I’m confident I’ll look back in the months and years to come at my time with Ronda as one of the most important turning points on my mission, and in my business. Thank you for being in my life Ronda, and accepting such an important role in helping me communicate my message. I’m honored to be on the path with you – and so grateful for your help!!!         ~Ken Stone, The Soul Archeologist,