Thinking Upside Down

Thank you for purchasing “Thinking Upside Down; Living Right Side Up!” I hope you enjoy my piece “Enjoying the Scenery on the Detour”.



• Ever wonder if you are really in the right career or business?

• Have you lost the enthusiasm you once you had for your work?

• Do you know that there is something that you are meant to be doing yet don’t feel like you’ve quite found it yet?

It has been said “If your “why” is big enough you will do whatever it takes.” Even those that say they got into it for the money will discover that the possibility of money will not be what keeps them up working late and going the extra mile to achieve success in their business. There are more meaningful reasons that we choose the work that we do.

The more you embrace who you are and align with your higher purpose, the more success you will find through your work or business. Where we run into trouble is when we make our choices and take action on who we think we are or should be rather than who we really are. Aligning with the truth of who you are will point you in the direction that will ultimately bring you joy and fulfillment.

As my gift you, I will send you a complimentary tele-training on “Your Ultimate Why”! This call will be live on October 5th, 2011. Join us live or receive the recording by registering below. Learn the truth about what really motivates you and how to align with your highest gifts to achieve success beyond your wildest dreams!



• Want to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face?

• What would it be like to have an unquestioned sense of direction in your life and business?

• What if you knew you could trust yourself to make the right choices for youself?

“Whether you’re just getting started on your path, or working in your calling
and shining your light for the world to see, I recommend you spend some time
with Ronda Wada going through her Sacred Compass process. My time with Ronda
revealed a simplicity in my own understanding of my work and gifts – and a new
better way of communicating about my gifts to others. Thanks, Ronda!” – Ken Stone


“My Sacred Compass session with Ronda Wada was eye opening! It revealed my inner most “authentic” self which helped confirm my new path and in that gave me a better understanding of myself. I use my Sacred Compass for whatever comes my way to make sure I’m authentic to myself and the path I’m meant to be on.? – Jean H.