You never know

Recently, I saw an acquaintance that I hadn’t seen in well over two years. I wouldn’t have said we were friends although we were certainly ‘friendly.”

She had never been a client although there had been times when I made suggestions and gave her guidance in what I perceived as very minor ways.

So the other day when I saw her, I was quite surprised as I watched tears well up in her eyes as she expressed what an important role I had played in her journey. She had never been a client. I never really did my “thing” for her.

But apparently she still received my gift. How could this be?

It’s simple. Because my gift is that I put people on (or back on) path; that’s what I do best. It’s what I’ve always done no matter what else it might have appeared I was doing. I do it by being it.

Who I am is so integral to what I do, I do it wherever I go; in small ways and in big ways.  Can’t help it really…. and neither can you. That my friends is the point!

YOU are the gift you have to give to the world. When you be you, you naturally and effortlessly give your gift everywhere you go. And by giving your gift you fulfill your purpose.

You see your purpose is not a specific mission. It’s not a project or a business (although your gift can be given within those contexts). Your purpose is a state of being that you are meant to hold and model for the rest of us. No one else on earth has your unique energetic signature.

So all the time you spend not being the real you; not being aligned with your unique energetic signature – your Divine Coordinates® – robs the world of what you have to offer that is far beyond valuable; it’s priceless.

When you are truly aligned and walking your path, you send out waves of change and transformation that you may never realize. This women happened to have an opportunity to share with me the impact of my waves but how many have been impacted that I’m just not aware of.

By showing up as the true you, the you you were designed to be; you will always make an impact but you may never know who you impact and how.

Go be YOU today! 

P.S. There is nothing that brings me more joy – and like I said, nothing I am better at – than showing you the true magnificence of who you were designed to be and putting you on path. If you are ready to identify once and for all exactly who you and who you are here to be, I invite you to inquire about a complimentary Divine Next Steps session today by simply responding to this email. Just wait until you see what happens when you shine your true light in the world!